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How It Works

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Spend $1, Earn 1 Star

For every dollar spent on qualifying purchases, earn one star. Redeem 25 stars to receive one free eligible item.

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Get Exclusive Offers

Unlock exclusive, loyalty member only offers. Get extra savings and deals on products you love!

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Punch Cards

Virtual punch cards allow members to receive a free item once they have filled a card of the same category. Categories include energy drinks, gallon milk, coffee, fountain drinks and bananas.

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Digital Beer & Wine Rebates


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Tobacco Discounts

Get steep discounts on tobacco, smokeless tobacco and clean nicotine products.

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Fuel Rewards & Discounts


Frequently Asked Questions

By registering a Jacksons Let's Go Rewards card or by downloading our Apple/Android mobile app and registering, loyalty customers gain access to special member offers, participate in punch card programs, and earn stars on qualifying purchases. Every time you visit a Jacksons, or an ExtraMile by Jacksons location, make a purchase and swipe (or scan) your rewards card. When you do this, you earn one star for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. You can keep track of your stars at https://app.jacksons.com/ or, you can keep track of stars and offers (including exclusive mobile offers) by downloading the Jacksons Let's Go Rewards app on your Apple or Android phone (add links to app in both app stores).

Here are the perks and benefits of being a Jacksons Let's Go Rewards member:

  • Earn 1 star for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases at Jacksons and ExtraMile by Jacksons locations. For every 25 stars you earn, you are able to redeem them for a free qualifying item.
  • Participate in punch card ("club card") programs. Purchase x amount of an item to receive one free.
  • Get access to deals and offers just for you, including:
    • Exclusive loyalty offers
      • These are offers, discounts and freebies that are available to loyalty customers only.
    • 21+ offers
      • To see these offers, you will need to download the mobile app and you must be age verified and opted in.
      • With 21+ offers, you will have the ability to opt in to access tobacco offers only, alcohol offers only, or both alcohol AND tobacco offers.
    • Giveaways/Sweepstakes Fuel Discount Offers

You can enroll in Jacksons Let's Go Rewards in three different ways:

  • By downloading the Jacksons Let's Go Rewards mobile app,
  • Going online at https://app.jacksons.com/ and selecting "Program Registration", or
  • Picking up a physical card at any participating Jacksons or ExtraMile by Jacksons location. Then calling our loyalty support number at 1-833-266-1004. (This number is also located on the back of the card).

Earn 1 star for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases.

Excludes: Tobacco, Alcohol, Fuel, Propane, Prepaid cards, Postage, Publications, Automotive, Car Wash, Automotive Services, Tickets, Store services: copy, fax, lottery, money gram.

To earn stars, choose one of the following:

  • Enter your phone number on the keypad at checkout (only available at Shell fuel branded Jacksons locations) or self-checkout screen.
  • Have the cashier scan your Jacksons Let's Go Rewards barcode, which you’ll find in your Jacksons Mobile app. Or, on the back of your physical Jacksons Let's Go Rewards card.
  • Swipe your physical Jacksons Let's Go Rewards card on the Verifone keypad at checkout.

If you have 25 stars accumulated on your rewards account, stars are good to be redeemed for one of our free, eligible items. Pick your item from the store and tell the cashier you would like to redeem your stars at checkout.

For every 25 stars earned, you are able to redeem them for one free, eligible Jacksons or ExtraMile by Jacksons single serve private label branded item. These items include:

  • Single serve pastry
  • Water (.5 LTR)
  • Cookie
  • Goodies To Go (4-6.5oz.)
  • Jerky Stick (1.5oz.)
  • Chips (1.88oz.)
  • Chocolate Bar (2.15oz.)
  • Chocolate Snack tube (2-3oz.)

You can check your star and punch card balance in several ways:

  • You can view star and punch card balances by logging into the mobile app, and viewing them on the home screen.
  • You can visit https://app.jacksons.com/, select the tab to "check star balance" and login with your card number, PIN and last name to check your star balance. Not available for punch cards.
  • You can call the support number listed on the back of your physical card, or listed in the mobile app: 1-833-266-1004
  • You can also see your star and punch card balance at the bottom of your receipt after your transactions.

Yes. Under the Jacksons Let's Go Rewards Expiration policy, stars expire after 6 months of being earned, if they have not been used.

The core Jacksons Let's Go Rewards Punch Card Programs include:

  • Coffee/Cappuccino Club: Buy 8 coffees, earn one free
    • Does not include espresso of cold/nitro brew items
  • Gallon Milk Club: Buy 10 gallons of milk, earn one free
  • Fountain/Tea Club: Buy 8 fountain beverages, earn one free
    • Does not include frozen dispensed beverages
  • Energy Club: Buy 10 energy drinks, earn one free
    • Includes Monster 15-16oz., Red Bull 12oz, Rockstar 16oz., and Adrenaline Shoc 16oz.
  • Banana Club: Buy 8 bananas, get one free

Note: other special or temporary punch cards may be added from time to time. For the most updated list, please download and login to the Jacksons Let's Go Rewards mobile app.

Yes! Tobacco offers are only displayed in the app. In order to see these offers, you must be opted in and age verified. From the main menu, select "profile" and enter your PIN. From here, you can "opt in" to view tobacco offers. You will be prompted to walk through the one-time age verification process. Once you are age verified, the tobacco offers will be viewable to you for redemption.

A 4-digit PIN is used in the Let's Go Rewards mobile app, rather than a password. This PIN is selected by the member when the account is created. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it in the mobile app by selecting, "Forgot your PIN?" or by calling loyalty support at 1-833-266-1004